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Remote Access Service

QuickBooks Remote Support

QuickBooks / Webex - Remote Access Service - over a secured server allows us to provide these services throughout the USA.

Connecting from Our Office to Your Office!

QuickBooks Remote Support

Everyone understands the convenience of having an expert in the same office that will prevent you from spinning your wheels. Now you can experience that same convenience of with our remote access technology needed for that hands on support!

Remote Access provides several security features to protect your remote computer and data from unauthorized access. We subscribe to the QuickBooks / Webex remote access services. This service is offered to accountants and Certified QuickBooks Advisors to provide assistance with accounting and QuickBooks software problems.

  While sitting at your own desk, we can ...

  • Diagnose Problems
  • Resolve Issues
  • Answer QuickBooks Questions
  • Provide Training

  … All while you watch and interact with us!

Anytime, Anyplace, and Free!

This is one of the benefits of modern computer technology - that we can support you at anytime, wherever you are - using a technology called Remote Access, or Remote Support. It doesn’t cost you anything! As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we have a special subscription to WebEx that allows us to connect to all of our clients' computers without you incurring any cost!

Easy, Safe, and Secure

This tool is so powerful, you don't have to install any software for us to connect to your computer, and we can make this connection to your computer if you simply click a link in an email we send you - it is that simple! Remote access is secure and offers the highest level of data encryption, 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Ask us for more details. IT IS SAFE & SECURE!

Connect, View, Diagnose

After we connect to your computer, we can instantly view your QuickBooks file and "see" your issues firsthand rather than requiring you to explain technical jargon. We can then rapidly diagnose your QuickBooks problems, identify training issues and then provide you with such training. We can also record these training sessions for you to view later by creating a full audio, data and video audit trail. This is especially beneficial for times when you may forget the instructions received during a training session – you can simply replay your recording as a refresher.

Convenient and Affordable

This is both more convenient and more affordable than if we had to drive to your office every time you need our help. We work with you to determine the perfect balance between when it makes sense to work with you remotely from our office, and when we should work with you onsite - at your business.

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